When it comes to traveling in Nepal, the first thing that pops up on people’s mind is spring. But not all those might have experienced the monsoon in Nepal, which has its own essence, beauty and purity. Nepal is a land of serenity and splendor, while monsoon in Nepal is lighter and simply mesmerizing, and can be a lifetime experience for the travelers. Be it walking through the historic art-adorned alleys of Durbar Squares of the Kathmandu valley on a rainy day or sipping a cup of coffee on a rooftop restaurant with a view of the city, it is a time to relax and embrace the moment. All the heritage sites are safe and open during monsoon for heritages walks, cycling, or just for strolling around for photography. It doesn’t take any additional effort, but just a wish to enjoy monsoon. Taking a short hike across the lush green forests surrounded by the valley, or passing through the paddy fields and interacting with the cheerful farmers about their plantation in the outskirts of city, an