Personal Checklist

For Low and Moderate Altitude Trekking
Down Jacket Batteries and bulbs
Waterproof jacket Swiss army knife
jumper or pile jacket personal towel
Hiking shirts Sun lotion
Hiking pants Rucksack
T - shirts Sleeping bag
Full – sleeves shirt Sewing kit
Sun hat Medical & first-aid kit
Water bottle Trekking shoes/boots
Flash light Camp shoes
  Polypropylene/wool socks
For Higher Altitude Trekking (Above 4000m)
Light cotton socks for under wool socks Long underware
Woolen socks to wear with boots Woolen hat
Mountain trekking boots Gloves
Insulated pants Gaiters
Nylon windbreaker Goggles or sunglasses
Nylon wind pants Sunblock for lips.
Peak Climbing Equipment
Climbing boots Long sleeved cotton/woolen shirts
Harness Wool long underwear
Crampons Long cotton hiking shorts
Ice axe / Ice Hammer Warm climbing trousers
Tapes/slings Lightweight fleece
Carabiners Fleece/wool for climbing
Ice screws Down high altitude sleeping bag
Snow bars Sleeping pad (karrimat) or thermarest
Deadmen Light cotton athletic socks and wool climbing socks
Rock pegs Lightweight thermal/insulated ski gloves
Crash hat Head torch/batteries/bulbs
Rucksack Water proof climbing jacket
Day bag Down jacket/trousers/vest
Kit bag Climbing sunglasses
Ascenders Sun screen
Descenders Sun hat
T-shirts gaiters
Lip salve Sunglasses with UV protection
Helmet Gloves 
Figute 8 Mittens
Jumar Cold Cream
Ropes Binoculars
Rock Pitton Prussic Loops
EP Gas Descended Abseil Device
Stove Cofell
Regulator Mask Tent