Nepal is mostly popular for trekking, mountaineering and other tourism activities as Nepal is the homeland of Lord Buddha and the only country that has eight of the fourteen eight thousand meter peaks. Nepal is not only beautiful with its snowy mountains, rivers, flora and fauna, historic temples and stupas but equally exotic with its people with diversity in language, religion, culture and tradition. In fact Nepal offers the most variety of tourism activities and wide diversity in geographical locations, culture, natural resources and people.

Nepal offers the most spectacular locations for filming. Jungles, rivers, fields, ancient buildings, historical monuments and the majestic mountains, including Mt. Everest are all the possible locations for filming in Nepal. Besides those natural outdoor locations, we have some indoor studios meet your requirements for indoor shooting.

Those amazing landscapes, beautiful flora and fauna and mystical cultural heritage of Nepal have been attracting a good number of tourists as well as film crews from around the world. Many film crews come to Nepal every year for making documentaries, TV series, commercials and feature films. All those filmmakers and the production companies that are looking a location that offers varieties of stories that includes culture, ethnicity, different face and races of people, adventure and landscapes has chosen Nepal as their filming location. Oscar nominated Film like Caravan and world acclaimed films like Imax Everest and The Little Buddha were all filmed in Nepal.

Besides, filming locations and stories within its territory, Nepal offers all those facilities that are required for filming teams during their shoot in Nepal. Government of Nepal issues Film Production Permit upon fulfilling the procedures of application, which will allow all filming teams to bring their equipments in Nepal and film in the locations you have planned. We are always here to assist you for all the necessary paperwork for getting the filming permits, customs clearance and arranging all logistics, cast, crew and equipments.

Our Experience

Nepal is rich of her admirable Beauty mostly of the Himalayas, the culture and tradition.  Our company Bochi-Bochi Trek (P) Ltd. has been  involved in Filming for our clients for the  last 5 years. Basically the films are shot for documentaries. Our Japanese clients of filming crew had shot films in  the mountains of Mt. Everest, Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Manaslu, Mt. Dhaulagiri etc.  as well as on  the Rautes of their cultural and tradition.

Whenever our clients desire to make documentary & film in Nepal  and getting the necessary information from them we apply for the permit for filming  which  takes nearly one week for issuance of permit

Filming Permits

As soon as we get all the necessary information from our clients, we have to apply for permission in advance for filming in Nepal. Our relationship and past experienced enable us to get all kinds of permits in Nepal in given time. However, it normally takes about more than 10 days to 20 days to get filming permit in Nepal, Bochi-Bochi Trek is able to get filming permit within a week in order to provide quality services.

To get permit from the Ministry of Information and Communication, we have to have the following information. Please find out the attached application form.

1. Application form
2. Synopsis of the filming story.
3. Crew members with bio-data and passport copy.
4. Equipment List with values for custom clearance.
5. Itinerary (Including Start Date of filming).
6. CONSENT Letters of concerned organizations:
(We will take all responsibilities to make your Consent letter.)
7. Authorization Letter Bochi-Bochi Trek. as a local representative of  the producer.

Customs Clearance.

To clear customs of filming equipment coming other than Nepal, one need to have a film permit along with the authority letter from the Film Development Board. We help you to get the letter and help to clear customs duties of filming within 1 hour by doing all paperwork in the customs clearance in an airport or border of Nepal. Our team will be there in the airport before you arrive to finish all paper works in order to clear the equipment through customs promptly.